Animal Kingdom

Out of all the things I photograph, I think animals are my favourite.

I love getting home and, during the editing process, seeing all the weird expressions and behaviours I’ve captured 🙂 I definitely anthropomorphise (ascribe human attributes to them) – but imagining what the animals are thinking about or what they’re trying to accomplish, just cracks me up.

When we’re out on a country drive, I spend half of my time crossing my fingers hoping that the ‘stock on road’ signs we pass, will bare moo-ving fruit and we’ll actually see a bovine parade. I’d happily wait while they cross, especially if they let me snap their picture 🙂

Below are a few sneaky snaps I’ve taken over the years. The first one is a very sneaky snap indeed! 😉

You’re never quite as mysterious as you think you are …
What? I’m completely asleep and not plotting anything …
Between ewe and me, there are some lovely fellows in the country …
Never smile at a what? …
Hey! I’m walkin’ here! ….
Life Lesson : Never venture to the pond without bread …

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