Fishbird Fiction – Weekly Wrap Up

bookshelf 9 Feb 19
My TBR Shelf as at 9 February 2019

Above is a picture of my To Be Read Shelf as of this morning. Clearly, I have barely anything to read and must schedule a trip to a book emporium post-haste! đŸ™‚

Current count (and keep in mind that I’m from the ‘close enough is good enough’ school of non-linear and transdimensional math) on my shelf are 78 unread books.

Looking back over the week, I once again let Netflix and YouTube eat up a lot of my reading time – but I did manage to cross off the three books below.

If you’ll allow me to ‘math’ again *shudder*, that would indicate I’m now down to 75 books. A sensible amount of unread paper. You’re welcome, trees.

I’m not really a fan of reading book reviews, so won’t pain you with in-depth discussions on each of the books – unless of course there’s a huge public outcry and you want to know EXACTLY why I put down “Song of Kali” when I only had a quarter to go, or how it turned out that I was actually the lightning thief and Percy Jackson was just a fictional scapegoat.

To sum up, here are my thoughts on the books I read this week – condensed into a remarkably uninformative sentence :

  • Song of Kali” by Dan Simmons : I’m a fan of Simmons’s writing, but not even the promise of an ancient Indian God-like evil, could sustain my interest. 2/5 Fishbirds.
  • Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief” by Rick Riordan : A fast paced & enjoyable YA read, with lots of Greek Gods and monsters. 4/5 Fishbirds.
  • The Good Daughter” by Karin Slaughter : Pretty heavy subject matter, I enjoyed the story but would hesitate to recommend due to potential triggers. 4/5 Fishbirds.

For those wondering what other media stole my attention away from reading this week …

  • “Grace & Frankie” Season 5 – Netflix : Love this show, Fonda & Tomlin are fantastic.
  • “You” Season 1 – Netflix : A thriller based on a book! Yay for books!
  • The Organized Soprano” – YouTube : Cleaning, organising content with a cute dog.
  • My Reading Is Odd” – YouTube : Great book content, reading challenges and vlogs.

Anyhow, if you’ll all excuse me – I’ve got to get back into my book stack before it collapses.

As the witch from “The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe” would say – May the books be ever in your favour!



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