Fishbird Fiction – Weekly Wrap Up – 16 February 2019

Welcome to the weekly Fishbird Fiction wrap up, where I throw open the doors to my memory palace and revisit the books I’ve read over the week past.

On a side note, I imagine my memory palace as more of a dilapidated haunted house than a shining castle in the clouds. A warren of old memories shelved incorrectly on carved wooden bookcases. A palace wherein the old furniture is covered with yellowing sheets (they’re clean though, don’t be gross) and a Havisham figure (I picture Worzel Gummidge in a wedding dress) sits watching Netflix, eating a microwave meal.

I’m fancy like that.

It would appear to an untrained eye that I had a pretty good reading week, crossing off five books from my TBR shelf. Unfortunately most of them were not my cup of readable tea.

To sum up, here are my thoughts on the books I read this week – condensed into a remarkably unhelpful sentence :

  • “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie” by Muriel Spark : Very repetitive prose that hindered my enjoyment of the already thin story. 2/5 Fishbirds.
  • Dark Matter” by Blake Crouch : A page-turner that will prompt you to think about every decision you’ve ever made. 4/5 Fishbirds.
  • Body Language : Learn How To Read Others And Communicate With Confidence by Elizabeth Kuhnke : A very light introduction to communication in general & not enough body language discussion. 1/5 Fishbirds.
  • “Fury From The Tomb” by Steven Sidor : Even despite the mummies and the giant Egyptian maggot, I couldn’t get into this one. 2/5 Fishbirds.
  • “An Easy Death” by Charlaine Harris : Apart from a lot of shooting and walking, nothing really happens to make you care about the characters. 2/5 Fishbirds.

What did I watch when I should have been reading? …

  • “A Discovery of Witches” Season 1 – Foxtel Now : There’s a bit of Vampire / Witch instalove happening, but the vamp has an English accent so shut up and watch it.
  • Wild We Roam – YouTube : A lovely couple travel and live in their converted camper van – lots of lovely scenery.
  • Rolling Vistas – YouTube : 2 people and 2 dogs who are exploring in their converted school bus. I have a thing about exploring in converted cars apparently lol 🙂

I hope you’ve all read some great books this week. If you’ve met the literary love of your life, let me know in the comments below and I’ll add it to my reading list.

As Hannibal Lecter famously said to Sookie Stackhouse – “Heeeeeere’s to a happy reading week!”

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