Accommodation Review : Lillypilly’s Cottages & Day Spa – Maleny, Queensland


As everyone knows, if you don’t book luxury hinterland accommodation on Valentines Day weekend, then a fairy doesn’t get her wings. We are very much pro-wing, so did the only possible thing and paid tribute to that old man Valentine by staying two nights at Lillypilly’s Cottages & Day Spa in Maleny, Queensland.

The signage from the road isn’t the best, we overshot the entry on our first try – but it did give me the chance to show off my mad driving skills by turning sedately at an appropriate spot down the road and trying again. What a demon!

Pulling into the driveway, I soon got to show off my vehicular prowess again – this time to Rusty (the resident dog) – as I edged my way down the owners private driveway, looked confused, then sported a 15 point turn into my allocated space. Rusty was well impressed*.

(*Rusty may have walked off elsewhere.)


The parking spots for the cottages are located outside reception, and for the trathrillionth (an actual measure of Fishbird time) … time, I blessed our little blue Suzuki Swift as it can cram into the tiniest of spaces. After zipping in and out over the weekend, I did get used to the space, however – and other giant 4WD’s were parked just around the corner. Bloody show offs.

Our home for the weekend was ‘Rose Cottage’ – just your standard luxury one bedroom mountain oasis, with a beautiful spacious verandah looking out over Lake Baroon and the Conondale Ranges 🙂

I know right, we hate us too 😉




The host (that sounds like Jesus, but it probably wasn’t) made us very welcome and showed us how all the light switches worked, explained the tank water and how to turn off the aquarium light (yes there’s an aquarium thing in the spa room) (yes there’s a spa room), then asked if we’d like some scones with jam and cream for our afternoon tea – and of course we said yes!

I remembered later that we had pre-paid for the scones on arrival, but my memory is crazy bad and the availability of tasty baked goods amazed me. Even though they weren’t really a surprise, it’s still a novelty to have freshly baked goods delivered to your country unit.

The scones were very nice and fluffy and came with a generous amount of jammy cream. We made a cuppa and had our arvo’s out on the balcony. It was a nice touch that the mugs in the cottage are sold locally and can be picked up (minus the Lillypilly’s logo) in the Peace of Green Gallery  in the Maleny town centre.


A Tony O’Connor CD was playing on our arrival, with the balcony doors opened to let in the Kraken … (breeze, I mean breeze).

The cottage smelled like my memories of my Gran, or how I remember her house smelling. Not like an old person smell, but a clean floral, comforting and welcoming smell. The smell of family? Do they make that in a diffuser? Weird, but a nice weird.


I took a bunch of photos before we messed up the place, then I put my snooping hat on (not a physical hat) and started rifling through the cupboards. A lady needs to know where the foil is kept – even if she’s not going to use it.

We’d paid for a package that included a fully cooked breakfast (and scones on arrival), so naturally I misunderstood and opened up the fridge expecting it to be packed with breakfast things that I’d cook myself.

We’re used to organising accommodation that includes a breakfast basket, so I was a bit disappointed that the fridge wasn’t groaning with things – but then I read what I’d paid for closer and shut my own ungrateful mouth. Then I opened it again and put in one of the complimentary home made biscuits, that were on the bench. So tasty! Misunderstanding over! Phew!

While I’m talking about it, I’ll insert pics of the food we ate – everyone loves that! The breakfasts were delicious – we had ham and cheese omelette one morning, and then pancakes and muesli the next 🙂


Now on to the living area! You might notice my handbag being sassy on the steps of the spa. Thankfully it couldn’t turn the taps on by itself, that would have just creeped me out. Anyway ….


The bed was made up nicely with TOWEL SWANS! Also, locally made bliss balls were riding on their backs! My first thought was – OMG how cute, swans! My second thought was, oh – someone has touched every part of my clean towel. I still loved it though. Also there were other clean towels.



One of my first steps when staying in new accommodation is to take all the display pillows off the bed, along with that weird skinny rug thing that’s always on the end.

Lillypilly’s provided a specific basket to put the cushions in, which was a lovely idea and something we’ve not seen before. It saved me kicking the pillows into the corner or wedging them into the cupboard, which is probably what they were going for.

We had a very comfortable two nights, and the bed was firm but cosy. Pixies (or talented cleaners) also came in and tidied the room while we were out – so the bed was always nicely made … until we touched it again. There was also a mosquito net above the bed which made me feel like a genuine princess, sans pea.


We could see into Dinosaur Valley from our bed too! That’s it’s official name. Ok, it’s what we’re calling it. Cows mooed at us (are they prehistoric creatures?? Probably.)

I couldn’t say for certain that there are dinosaurs in the valley … but I couldn’t say that there are not. I could definitely hear a small dinosaur trashing his way under the balcony though, looking for worms or gold or whatever it is they do.


There was a fireplace in the living area – but we didn’t put it on as we’ve had some pretty hot weather lately and were enjoying the cool. I was very tempted to turn the air con on regardless and crank a fire – I’m pretty good at fires. You can see two of my best fire sticks in the image below.


The cabin was fitted out well with beautiful wooden furniture and comfortable seating. Wine glasses even hung from a wooden tree in the spa room – much like I imagine they would in Rivendell. Elves love a good glass of wine with their spa.


I got a bit Upstairs-Downstairs when I saw that there were only two complimentary coffee pods for the Nespresso machine (they get replaced daily) as we’d been spoiled with a container of different flavoured ones at previous accommodation, and I assume they only cost one bar of gold each.

There was plenty of complimentary tea though, and ground coffee in the fridge – along with some sachets of hot chocolate mix.

For reference, my first reaction is to default to snob, then I relax into the situation and remind myself how bloody lucky I am.

Also there was no port. Or complimentary wine. Despite all the glasses. *Puts on dowager dress and makes butler drive her to McDonalds.* *Butler gets mad as he is not the official chauffeur.* *Orders extra cheeseburger to get back at dowager.*

There weren’t any cooking facilities in the kitchen other than a microwave, as Lillypilly’s offer breakfast and dinner packages. I suppose they also don’t want me cooking fried chicken in my sleep and burning the place down, which is fair. I do love chickens.


The shower was good – pressure and heat – though there weren’t any individual soaps and products. They had one of those dispenser things stuck to the wall that makes me feel like I’m using too much shampoo.

We tried the spa & created too many bubbles even though we were specifically told to beware of making too many bubbles. It was nice being in the tub and looking out over the dinosaur valley. See, everyone’s calling it that.


The neighbouring cottages were fairly close to us, but we faced into Dinosaur Valley (capitalised now, and official) and didn’t see any other guests, despite me trying to peer at them through the foliage from my balcony. Side note, turns out I’M the creep.

Their voices carried a bit in the country air, but it gave us something to complain about. Well, me. My husband barely noticed them. It also gave me something to snoop at.

We also saw four kookaburras in the tree off the verandah – they rested there long enough for me to take a photo, and to see if we had any bacon, and then flew away again.


So the verdict? We really enjoyed our stay 🙂

Sitting out on the balcony in the cool breeze, so fresh that I felt a little like Will Smith – sipping on my Nespresso just like George Clooney. Can you be both Will Smith and George Clooney at the same time? Yes At Lillypilly’s Cottages & Day Spa, you can. *insert movie star wink here, but don’t make it weird.*

  • Price Point : $350 p/night (as @ our booking February 2019) includes fully cooked breakfast, scones on arrival, homemade biscuits, Nespresso & plunger coffee, fluffy bathrobes, complimentary use of CD & DVD Library, undercover parking.
  • Cleanliness : A very high standard, with daily room servicing and restocking of complimentary items.
  • Cosiness : I would have liked two separate couches, because I’m greedy – but otherwise very cosy.
  • Overall Fishbird Rating : 8.5 Fishbirds out of 10.


Website : Lillypilly’s Cottages & Day Spa

4 thoughts on “Accommodation Review : Lillypilly’s Cottages & Day Spa – Maleny, Queensland

  1. Sounds like a great time. I look forward to living vicariously through your travel blogs. Bring on the next trip!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. But did you buy me one of those mugs? That is what everyone wants to know!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Absolutely beautiful Jen and spectacular scenery as well! Bet you had a lovely relaxing break!!!


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