Friday Fishbird Flicks : “The Big Sick”


Friday Fishbird Flicks 📽 – wherein I watch a movie that everyone has already seen, and talk very briefly about it so we can get on with other things 🤩

This week I decided to watch “The Big Sick” – a 2017 movie starring Kumail Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan, Holly Hunter and Ray Romano. You can check it out for free (or for some subscription internet cheds) on Stan Australia.

Eight Fishbirds out of 10 😍

Now, I’m not typically a rom-com girl. Tom Hanks could appear at my door with 100 roses, a burger, and a letter from the Queen (I assume that’s how romance works) and I would hardly even swoon (I would take the burger) … … I would also ask for one of his son Colin Hanks’s Hanks Kerchiefs – because they exist and I’d like one.

After all my taking, I would be best friends with all the Hanks family AND have a new Kerchief! Romance = Nailed it!

Anyway, what did I see?? Oh, that’s right, a romantic comedy. No Hanks’ though, sorry for the confusion.

The film was sweet and funny and reminded me that Ray Romano is a thing! The acting was great all round & the writing, natural and well paced. I did think that some of the friend stand-up filler fell a bit flat, but it served to buffer some of the more emotional scenes.

I paired the movie with a few glasses of Gentleman’s Collection Cabernet Sauvignon & toasted some marshmallows on all the heartwarming goodness. 🎥🎞

If you wanted to get yourself (and me) a sweet handkerchief to dab at your movie watching eyes – or put in your popped-corn eating pocket – go to this internet …

Colin Hanks’s Hank Kerchiefs


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