Accommodation Review : Pullman Adelaide – South Australia

At the end of February this year ( 2019 – the official year of the Fishbird ), I took my first interstate work trip! … *waits for applause to die down* …. Thank you, yes I’m very brave and it was gracious of me to accept a trip at my employers expense to see a different city and do my work in it.

To be honest it was a new experience for me, as usually my husband is in charge of mapping out the course of a trip and making sure I don’t walk out into oncoming traffic, or adopt a litter of stray cats to later turn into an army of Feline Ninjas™.

Breathing in all the recycled love.

But I accepted the lovely opportunity, got onto a tube filled with recycled air breathed out of the mouths of 70 of my new closest friends, and took to the skies like an albatross on her way to Adelaide.

Two and a bit hours later, full of complimentary soy crisps and aeroplane orange juice, I arrived in South Australia. I found a kiosk, bought a magnet with two kangaroos on it and then hailed a taxi.

On the drive to the hotel, my cab driver regaled me with stories about all the car accidents his family had been in – which was alarming and sad, but we arrived at the hotel without incident. I wished him well & went to check in before the car caught on fire.

Pullman Adelaide

Check in service was friendly and helpful & I made sure that I could charge any expenses to my personal credit card, so my boss didn’t realise how much room service I could eat while I’m away from home.

The lift had a helpful list of all the rooms I wouldn’t be using while I was staying in the hotel. I was tempted to host a masked ball, but was unsure if I’d brought enough glitter in my carry-on suitcase to warrant the drama of sending out the invites.

So many rooms to explore … if you like that sort of thing.

Got to my Superior King room on the 6th floor, and made a note on how to get back to the lifts as all the brown carpet was confusing and made me think I was in the Matrix. The Matrix is brown and full of ever expanding hallways, right?

Checking for children on tricycles.

I had a mini freak out moment when I dropped my bag and it all went quiet – my first time solo travelling! No-one was going to the toilet or claiming a side of the bed that I wanted, or stopping me from clicking all the TV remote buttons before I realised what they did. So weird!

I tried not to mess the place up straight away – instead putting my handbag down near the creepy conjoining door – is that just for twins? – and then took some pictures of the room while the television welcomed me for staying with it.

The TV knows my name!
Comfortable room – I felt very superior.
Mmmm … pea green.
So much business to do at desk!
Comfortable bed with plush pillows.

I was pleased with the room – it seemed to know what it was doing, and looked comfortable. It was very dark though. I felt like it needed about three more roof lights or a complimentary hat with a headlamp on it. I’m travelling on my own, and would prefer not to have ghost corners.

I went to open the windows, but there was a futuristic zoo across from me and I didn’t really want the occupants to watch me while I sat still for 8 hours.


If I pressed my face against the glass and forgot about the metal Terminator cage for a while, I could see some sky and mountain, but it hurt my neck and didn’t seem sustainable.


It was then time to order a wheelbarrow full of gnocci. A lady can only live on soy crisps and aeroplane orange juice for so long.

When the room service arrived, the delivery man (hotellier / food-carrier / attendant / human gnocci mover??) was friendly and didn’t even yell at me for not giving him a tip. Do we tip? Was he getting comfortably paid for his job? Who knows?! This is my first day!

I ate most of this.

The serving size was massive – I couldn’t even finish it, and felt exactly like Henry the Eighth after he’d had a plane ride and too much vegetable potato pasta.

Thankfully, just like Henry VIII – I was then able to relax and watch old episodes of M*A*S*H on the TV.

You’ll note below, that I also MacGyvered a fool proof intruder system by putting the soft lid of my suitcase behind the door handle of the joining room door. Try getting through that, Feline Ninjas™!

Gnocci and MASH. None got on the white sheets, I promise.
B.J. Hunnicutt from M*A*S*H decided to appear like a naked ghost in the room print of roof guttering. This is a truly mysterious world.

I cracked open a bottle of mini bar wine – Sandpiper Eden Valley Chardonnay – and watched some YouTube after toasting myself for being a brave solo traveller.

Side note, there were no prices that I could see on the mini bar. I mean, I would have drunk that Lilliputian wine even if it turned out to be $80 – but a lady likes to know where her hat money is going.

The little kitchenette was set up with more minbar bits and pieces. Someone had tried to crush the cookie for some reason, so I left that sugared rage husk alone.

Bench minibar set up.
Little milk for the moo-orning.

A little complimentary milk was in the fridge & was appreciated, but I did bring my own little long-life milk on account of I rant about milk wherever I stay – much like a dairy loving Messiah.

I’m tempted to start said rant again now, but suffice to say that a full sized milk in any accommodation is the dream.

There were (happily) hardly any creepy hatches – only one in the bathroom and it wasn’t looking over the toilet or shower.

Hello creepy hatch! 🙂

On to the bathroom – probably the most important part of a good hotel room – seconded only by the comfortosity (real word) of the bed 🙂

Here’s a picture of me waving at myself, for want of something better to do …

*sings* … Hello from the other siiiiiiide ….

There was a nice selection of soaps and washes (a little dusty, but presented well) – but I went straight to the comb and put it in my bag. It was WOODEN. It was a FREE WOODEN COMB! I mean, I can afford my own store bought wooden comb, but this one was just SITTING there!

Soaps and Such.
Second floating reflected toilet not present in actual bathroom.

A dressing gown was displayed on the back of the bathroom door, which spooked me every time I went to go to the toilet – so you can imagine we weren’t fast friends.

Does anyone wear the toilet robes? I mean, they seem nice and all but … it’s hanging near the toilet and I packed a jumper that’s NOT been near the toilet … so …

I’d like to introduce you to my friend …

I will mention that the shower at the Pullman Adelaide was probably the best shower I’d had in ages. Even counting our home one.

The water pressure was awesome and the temperature was easy to manage. The water also didn’t flow all over the bathroom floor – which a surprising amount of hotel showers do.

Shower doing its business.

On my first morning, I’d organised to have a room service breakfast – and it was so big that I managed to spread it out over the next two mornings, using the fruit to supplement other bits and pieces.

I’d ordered a bircher muesli that also came with seasonal fruit AND an egg white omelette, coffee and juice. So much food! Very tasty, but I’d only packed one stomach.

All the breakfast!
Mmmm …. mushroom egg.

After a long day in the office, it was nice to avoid all the Adelaide Fringe Festival goings on, and peer through the snoop hole that looked out onto the hall into the Matrix.

Say hello to Keanu Reeves.

To sum up, I had a really nice stay – and thanks to the popularity of the Fringe Festival and availability of accommodation, I was able to stay in a hotel that was probably a little nicer than work would usually spring for 🙂

Mini bottle of red wine and some Haigh’s dark chocolate 🙂
Thankfully this hotel didn’t seem to be haunted by anything scarier than myself.

On my last night, I put myself into a steak sandwich and chips coma – utilising the room service that sadly wouldn’t follow me back to my own house.

I ate this.
No white bedding was harmed in the eating of room service.
  • Price Point : $137 p/night approx. Again, I didn’t pay for my accommodation as it was a work trip and covered by my employer. I did pay for all the room service I used. A Superior Room (like the one I stayed in) includes plush bedding and pillow menu; Mini-bar / 24-Hour in room dining; Bathrobe and slippers; Tea and coffee making facilities; Hairdryer; Iron and ironing board; High speed wi-fi; HD TV with satellite channels & movies on demand.
  • Cleanliness : A very high standard, with daily room servicing. My only gripe would be that they replaced the soap in the bathroom every day. That seemed a bit wasteful as I don’t eat as much soap as they think I do.
  • Cosiness : The darkness of the room made the room cosy, though I would have appreciated it a bit lighter. Bed was snuggly and pillows were great.
  • Overall Fishbird Rating : 8 Fishbirds out of 10.

Pullman Adelaide 
16 Hindmarsh Square, 5000 Adelaide

Pullman Adelaide – Hotel Website

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  1. Looks very superior! And yes wearing a robe is mandatory while staying in a hotel, although I’m not to sure about this ‘toilet’ robe business.


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