Friday Fishbird Flicks : “Arrival”


Friday Fishbird Flicks 📽 – wherein I watch a movie that everyone has already seen, and talk very briefly about it so we can get on with other things 🤩.

This week I watched the 2016 alien film, “Arrival” starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner & Forest Whitaker.

Basically, twelve space eggs touch down at different points around the globe and humanity holds its collective breath.

Personally I hoped that the aliens would turn out to be a dapper space race of velociraptors – I hear they’re quite clever girls.

I was satisfied with the long legged beasties that finally emerged though. Gave me lovely ‘under the sea’ vibes and they really made good use of the smoke machines. 😊👽

As with most films of this ilk, humans turn out to be the real idiots. I had to pause the movie half way through, on account of I was getting mad at the shoot-first-ask-questions-later mentality.

Earth would be hard work for any intelligent race to get along with, so props to these star squid for persevering.

I thought the acting was good & the effects were ok, however the whole mother/child part of the storyline seemed pretty heavy handed to me.

Overall it was an enjoyable movie – 7 Fishbirds out of 10 👾🦑🛸🎬

I paired this movie with a few glasses of Farmhand Organic Cabernet & brushed up on my intergalactic linguistics, ready for first contact.

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