Friday Fishbird Flicks : “Justice League”


Friday Fishbird Flicks 📽 – wherein I watch a movie that everyone has already seen, and talk very briefly about it so we can get on with other things 🤩.

I was one movie behind schedule – so to catch up I’ve watched 2017’s “Justice League” starring Ben Affleck, Gal Gardot, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller, Amy Adams, Henry Cavill & Ray Fisher.

Man, there’s so much I don’t know about the DC Universe – I have some notes.

Why does Batman jump everywhere (he’s just a rich human) & why does he always end up sitting on girders overlooking the city? He could afford such a nice chair!

I thought Wonder Woman was just an amazon fighter with moxy – turns out she can ward off bullets and has a rope that can sniff lies!

Also, why does Aquaman do so well away from the water? And why did he throw a whiskey bottle into the sea instead of the bin?

Ultimately I found this movie pretty meh. It was mildly interesting to peek behind the DC curtain and meet the characters.

The acting was fairly middle-of-the-road, with Ezra & Ray the stand out performances for me, as Flash and Cyborg.

I felt the humour and dialogue were lacking in relation to the recent Marvel movies.

I suggest adding more talking sea creatures, less Batman, a different Alfred & the addition of John Constantine and Clayface.

6 Fishbirds out of 10.

I paired this movie with a few glasses of Cat Amongst The Pigeons FatCat Barossa Shiraz & saved Gotham by eating a large amount of pasta and then minding my own business.

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