Friday Fishbird Flicks : “Deadpool”


Friday Fishbird Flicks 📽 – wherein I watch a movie that everyone has already seen, and talk very briefly about it so we can get on with other things 🤩.

This week I watched the 2016 Marvel film “Deadpool” starring Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein and a few X-men.

Have you heard of it?

It’s kind of a cross between Spiderman, that police detective from Law & Order who makes all those quippy one-liners, and most of the things you’d expect to see on HBO.

I liked it 😀

I had no idea it crossed over into X-Men territory – and now I feel bad I’ve been ignoring Xavier!

The Hugh Jackman references were great and I liked all the pop culture nods & 4th wall breaks.

Bernadette Peters is one of my all time Broadway faves and I got a kick out of that reference, along with the shout out to the Slap Chop. We owned one and it did NOT chop.

I thought this was going to be more confronting than it was – I was expecting something more risqué. It definitely has more sex and language than say Captain America – but it’s still a superhero movie going through fairly predictable arcs.

In saying that, I didn’t have any desire to get up and start my laundry like I did with GOTG2.

Overall I enjoyed the experience – 8 Fishbirds out of 10.

I paired this pic with a few glasses of Graham Norton’s Pink By Design Rose, drifted off & subsequently encouraged George Michael to indeed wake me up before he went went.

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